Why silo protection grid?

  • Protects foils from being eaten by birds as well as from storm and hail damage
  • Increases walking safety and fixes the foils in place
  • UV stability over many years


ELAN Silo Protection Grid

User tips:

  • Connect silo protection grid before laying it out
  • Custom production for your silo is possible
  • Mending sets for repair are available

green240 g10/12/15/18/25/200 m5/6/8/9/10/12/15 m

Why mesh sacks?

  • Easy and flexible mounting in problem areas, e.g. basins
  • Proven system for edge mounting
  • Are also available as filled sacks


Mesh Bags

User tips:

  • Use 2-6 mm round gravel
  • Fill up to max. 2/3 (approx. 20 kg)
  • Store on pallets

green-1.2 m27 cm

Why silo tension belts?

  • Very easy to use and mount
  • Mount with strap winches on the silo wall or on concrete blocks
  • Prevents the foil from slipping
  • Prevents intrusion of oxygen
  • Significantly lower need for silo sacks


Silo Tension Belts

User tips:

  • Adjust distances between two tension belts to feed rate
  • Endless tension belt for custom belt length
  • Multiple re-tensioning of the belts after subsiding the silo

green-20/25/30/40/200 m-

This might also interest you:

Lining Wrap

Lining Wrap - Protects Your Silo and Your Silage

Most effective protection of the silo wall and joints against acidic corrosion.

By using lining wrap you prevent silage effluent from escaping at undesirable locations. Moreover, you provide air-tight and water-tight edge closure for the silage. We recommend overlapping at least 30 cm over the silo wall base and 1 m over the silo wall. Additionally, you can install a drain pipe between the silage and the lining wrap to reduce water pressure on the silo wall.

Talk to your TerraVis contact person about further information.