Emergency products

Why Emergency products?

  • As the name suggests these products are designed to help any system when in biological trouble!
  • Fast and reliable solutions in acute stressful situations
  • Designed to prevent damage to the biogas system and reduce losses in feedstock and feed-in tariffs


Ian Burgess

Sales Manager International

+49 173 . 5439643

MethaFerm® Liquifier

  • Highly concentrated, specially composed enzyme mixture for breaking down cellulose, hemicellulose, and other cell wall components
  • Outstanding distribution even with low application rates
  • Stable even in high pH and temperature ranges
  • Suitable for long-fibre material and high proportions of manure
  • Dissolves sink and floating layers within 1-2 weeks

Container sizes

30 kg canister

60 kg drum

220 kg drum

1,250 kg IBC

MethaTec® EcoPlex Basic

  • Highly effective mix of essential micronutrients for acute deficits and hyperacidity
  • Chelated and therefore immediately available
  • Activates the biology and thus ensures maximum efficiency and substrate utilization

Container sizes

30 kg canister

65 kg drum

250 kg drum

1,250 kg IBC

MethaTec® Essentials Basic

  • Optimally balanced mix of essential micronutrients
  • Highly effective and immediately available
  • Invigorates the microbiome for rapid regeneration in stressful situations


20 kg bag

MethaTec® Entschäumer

  • Dissolves foam quickly and prevents foam development
  • Contains no mineral oils snd is free from silicone
  • Completeley biodegradable

Container sizes

9 kg canister

27 kg canister

190 kg drum

900 kg IBC

MethaTec® Nmin

  • Binds ammonium and thus prevents the formation of harmful ammonia, which inhibits bacterial growth
  • Creates a breeding area for microorganisms, especially if structure is missing
  • Additional iron componen tsupports chemical desulfurization


20 kg bag

1,000 kg big bag

Sodium bicarbonate

  • Stabilizes pH in case of acidification
  • No over dosing possible
  • Increases the buffer capacity


25 kg bag

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