Gas leaks

True to the motto more gas more fun, we are always interested in improving the profitability of your biogas plant. Leakage and the resulting gas losses as well as unnecessarily high feed costs can be avoided with the help of our methane detection camera including laser measurement. In addition, you meet the legally required gas leakage regulations.

Scope of services

  • Use of a methane detection camera and laser measurement for the detection of small leaks
  • Checking the entire gas section of the biogas plant including the CHP
  • Advice and support in troubleshooting and optimizing plant efficiency
  • Comprehensive test report including documentation by video, photo and sound

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More gas more fun

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TerraVis supports and consults you in all the areas that have to be considered for the smooth production of biogas. Your contact person supports you from the field to the silo to the fermenter all the way through to energy production. Additionally, we can also perform for you a detailed biological-process consultation and optimisation of fermenter analyses or measurements of gas quality. Moreover, you can use our TerraVis Check to carry out an evaluation of your system efficiency and substrate efficiency.

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