Silo and underlay film

Why silage film?

  • Maintains the quality of the silage in the closed off silo
  • Protects the air-tight underlay film from UV radiation, mechanical stress and the elements
  • Reduces air exchange

Silage Film

ELAN Silage Film

User tips:

  • Start covering as soon as the fill height for a film width has been reached
  • Bonding the butts with molasses
  • Mind the water flow direction when overlapping

green/white125 µm25/50/200/400 m6-20 m

Why underlay film?

  • Suction effect prevents air from entering
  • Reduces air exchange in the entire silo
  • Prevents mould from forming as well as organic decomposition

Underlay Film

ELAN Underlay Film

User tips:

  • Using 2-m wide underlay film as silage film makes coverage easier
  • Start covering as soon as the fill height for a film width has been reached

transparent bluish40 µm25/50/200/400 m6-20 m

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Lining Wrap

Lining Wrap - Protects Your Silo and Your Silage

Most effective protection of the silo wall and joints against acidic corrosion.

By using lining wrap you prevent silage effluent from escaping at undesirable locations. Moreover, you provide air-tight and water-tight edge closure for the silage. We recommend overlapping at least 30 cm over the silo wall base and 1 m over the silo wall. Additionally, you can install a drain pipe between the silage and the lining wrap to reduce water pressure on the silo wall.

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