Barrier Foil

Why barrier foil?

  • Sturdy and tear-proof despite low foil thickness
  • Significantly better oxygen barrier than classic covers
  • Very easy to use and makes work easier

Barrier Foil


  • 90 µm foil with built-in barrier layer
  • Sturdy fleece guard protects the roll of foil
  • Extremely resistant to footprinting and tearing
  • 6-36 m wide, special widths of 28 m and 36 m

green/silver90 µm50/200/400 m6-20/28/36 m

Barrier Foil

Polydress® O² Barrier 2in1

  • 80 µm cover foil and 20 µm seal foil are separated after laying the foil
  • Seal foil clings tightly to the silage surface
  • Extremely resistant to footprinting and tearing
  • 6-18 m wide

green/black100 µm (80 µm + 20 µm)25/50/200/400 m6-18 m

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Lining Wrap

Lining Wrap - Protects Your Silo and Your Silage

Most effective protection of the silo wall and joints against acidic corrosion.

By using lining wrap you prevent silage effluent from escaping at undesirable locations. Moreover, you provide air-tight and water-tight edge closure for the silage. We recommend overlapping at least 30 cm over the silo wall base and 1 m over the silo wall. Additionally, you can install a drain pipe between the silage and the lining wrap to reduce water pressure on the silo wall.

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