Trace Elements

Why custom trace element mixes?

  • Supplying your microbiology according to its needs
  • No unnecessary costs due to overly high dosage
  • Safe handling with consideration for the TRGS specifications

Trace Elements

MethaTec® EcoPlex

  • Liquid, complex trace elements
  • Stable vis-à-vis fluctuating pH values and temperatures
  • Quick availability due to dissolved trace element compounds
  • Automatic dosing possible via TerraVis SpurEn Schrank

30 kg canister (23 l)65 kg multitainer (50 l)250 kg barrel (192 l)1.250 kg container (961 l)

Trace Elements

MethaTec® Trace

  • Fixed trace elements in fermentable sacks
  • Re-establishes optimal supply of bacteria
  • Customised to the needs of the bacteria

7.5 kg sack10 kg sack12.5 kg sack15 kg sack20 kg sack

Emergency Mixes

Do you have an emergency in your biogas plant?

Even in the event of emergencies affecting the fermenter biology we can help. The following products are the ideal emergency mixes for your bacteria.

Trace Elements

MethaTec® EcoPlex Basic

  • Activates biology and thus ensures rapid regeneration and operability
  • Highly effective standard mix of essential micronutrients for acute deficits and over acidification
  • Complex and therefore immediately available

30 kg canister (23 l) 65 kg multitainer (50 l)250 kg barrel (192 l)1.250 kg container (961 l)

Trace Elements

MethaTec® Trace Basic

  • Invigorates the biology to rapid regeneration in stressful situations
  • Optimally coordinated mix of essential micronutrients in fermantable bags
  • Highly soluble and effective immediately

20 kg sack

TerraVis for biogas efficiency.

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TerraVis dosing cabinet: the new generation of fine dosage

Exact dosage of trace element mixes such as MethaTec® EcoPlex and enzyme mixes like MethaFerm® takes place fully automatically at each fermenter feeding.

Benefits to you:

  • Custom combination according to your needs
  • Remote access and control of your dosage amount possible via web server and LogoApp
  • Exact dosing at every fermenter feeding via sensor function

Talk to your TerraVis contact person about further information.

SpurEn Schrank
SpurEn Schrank
SpurEn Schrank