Incident Resources

Why incident resources?

  • Quick and reliably working products for emergencies
  • In the event of an incident, the damage to the biogas plant and
    the losses in supply compensation are reduced

Incident Resources

MethaFerm® Liquifier

  • Removes floating layers effectively within 1-2 weeks
  • Improves the viscosity in the fermenter
  • Quickly decomposes long-stranded molecules

20 kg sack

Incident Resources

MethaTec® Floating Layer Solvent liquid

  • Reliable decomposition of floating and sinking layers
  • Good distribution through liquid formulation
  • Quick-acting thanks to high concentration

26 l canister

Incident Resources

MethaTec® Defoamer

  • Quickly dissolves foam that has formed and prevents formation of foam
  • Does not contain mineral oils or silicone
  • Completely biodegradable

10 l canister30 l canister210 l multitainer995 l IBC

Incident Resources

MethaTec® Nmin

  • Binds ammonium and thereby prevents outgasing of harmful ammonia
  • Creates settlement space for microorganisms, especially if structure is lacking
  • Additional iron component supports chemical desulphurisation

20 kg sack

Incident Resources

Sodium Bicarbonate

  • Stabilises the pH value in case of acidification
  • No overdosing possible
  • Increases buffer capacity

25 kg sack

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