Grain Varieties

Which grain variety is the right one?

You should follow the criteria below when selecting your grain variety for whole-plant silage use:

  • High stability
  • High grain yield
  • Hybrid rye for light-to-moderate locations
  • Triticale for moderate-to-heavy locations

Winter Rye

SU Phoenix - Winter Rye

  • Highest DM yields for many years in AGRAVIS trials
  • Stable, stress resistant, harvest-flexible
  • Cultivation on light, drought-threatened and moderate locations with good heating
  • Suitable for use as whole-plant silage
  • Seed dose: 220-260 gr/m²

Sowing timegr/m²
Early sowing
Medium-term sowing
Late sowing

Winter Triticale

Tender PZO - Winter Triticale

  • Highest-yield variety in AGRAVIS whole-plant silage trial 2016
  • High stability and early grain ripeness
  • Widely suitable for cultivation and compatible with late sowing
  • Seed dose: 260-300 gr/m²

Sowing timegr/m²
Early sowing
Medium-term sowing
Late sowing

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