Gas Engine oil and Antifreeze

Quality lubricants for CHP engines

The MethaFlexx high-tech gas engine oils are field-tested and provide the best protection for the field of high-stress CHP plants. The gas engine oils recommended and approved by notable engine manufacturers reach maximum efficiency and increase the lifespan of your CHP.

TECTROL MethaFlexx

  • Maximum efficiency for your biogas plant
  • Expert consultants near you
  • Gas engine oils recommended and approved by notable engine manufacturers
  • > 4,000 engines are operated with these products

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Radiator protection: this is how your engine keeps a cool head

The premium radiator protection agent from the TECTROL COOLPROTECT series meets all requirements placed on modern high-tech radiator agents. Especially protection from corrosion, ageing, overheating and deposits makes it possible to constantly keep the entire cooling circuit functional and thereby reach the best-possible performance.


  • Radiator protection agent can be used immediately: "ready to use"
  • Reliable protection against deposits, cavitation and corrosion
  • Operating conditions for your CHP engine remain the same

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TECTROL Product Service Packet

You profit from the following advantages:

With the product service packet, TECTROL offers you, in addition to outstanding quality of lubricants, a unique combination of numerous services for long-term protection and operation of your plants.

Thanks to the long-term oil analytics and the associated monitoring, TECTROL acquires data for safety and operational processes.

Your benefits with the TECTROL Product Service Packet:

  • Expert consultation by our specialised consultants
  • Custom analysis service
  • Precise determination of the plant condition
  • Cost sharing in the start phase and in follow-up analyses
  • Support and consultation in insurance cases

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